UMass Dartmouth Fitness Center Rules and Regulations


1.  Only Fitness Center card holders will be allowed to use the Fitness Center.

2.  Each person MUST be logged into the computer upon entry.

3.  The fitness center staff recommends, for safety purpose, that a spotter be used when
     utilizing the free weight equipment.

4.  Bags, balls, shoes, change of clothing, etc....are NOT allowed in the aerobics or weight
     room area.  Lockers, cubbies, and free combination lockers are available.

5.  Horseplay, profanity, racist or sexist comments and behaviors will not be tolerated in
     this facility.  Any individual displaying these types of behaviors will be asked to leave

6All equipment (plates, dumbells, etc..) should be returned to their place in the 
     proper order.  Any individual who is observed not complying with with this rule 
     will be suspended from the fitness center.

7.  Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This includes wiping clean                                                                                                                                        all surface areas of the equipment used as well as the surrounding area including                                                                                                                                         the floor when necessary.             

8.  Do NOT drop dumbbells or free weights!  Users are responsible for any damaged

9.  Use of chalk is NOT allowed in the fitness center.

10.  Proper workout attire is required - Jeans, boots or open-toed shoes are NOT
     allowed in the workout areas.

11. There will be no bare chest allowed in any area of the fitness center facility.

12. No food or drink (other then water and sport drinks) shall be allowed in the workout
      areas.  Absolutely no glass bottles anywhere in the fitness center.

13.  The use of cell phones other than for music is not permitted in any workout areas.  

* The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Fitness Center Staff reserves the right to suspend usage of the fitness center by any individual who is not in compliance with the establised rules and regulations of the fitness center facility.

* Upon completion of the registration form, you will be issued a Fitness Center ID card.  The first ID card is free.  Replacement ID cards will cost $5.  Anyone who wishes to enter without a ID card (forgotten ID), will be charged $1.