UMass Dartmouth Fitness Center


Front Desk: (508) 910-6921 

Fitness Center Staff Members

Fitness Center Director Greg Homol 910-6417
Fitness Center Assistant Brandon Williams 910-6416
Fitness Center Asst. P/T
Patricia Grogan 910-6622
Karate Instructor Tony Benevides
Yoga Instructor Kari Mofford
Yoga/Cycling Instructor Donna Bosworth
Cycling Instructor Jonathan Barboza
Fitness Instructor Donna Cordeiro
Zumba Instructor Karen Solis 
Fitness Instructor Kathy Gaspar 

UMass Dartmouth Fitness Center Mission Statement

  The goal of the UMass Dartmouth Fitness Center is to provide quality programs in
  in the area's of strength and conditioning, general fitness, recreation, and aerobics
  to the entire UMass Dartmouth community.  To give students and employees an
  opportunity to maintain health and relieve stress in a friendly and relaxed atomsphere. 
  To be a resource for questions and concerns related to health and fitness.