UMass Dartmouth Intramurals 2012-2013




  1. Intramural Guidelines
  2. Sport Eligibility
  3. Listing of Divisions of Intramurals
  4. Cancellation of Games
  5. Disciplinary Actions
  6. Protests

1. Intramural Guidelines

How to Enter

  • Pick up an "Official Entry Roster" in room #116 of the Tripp Athletic Center. You can also enter by emailing Tom Mendell at
  • The rosters must be completed and turned in one day before the scheduled start of an activity.

Starting Up a New Activity

As you may or may not know, all of us in the Intramural program are always looking for new ideas for new programs. When starting up a new program, certain guidelines must be followed.

  1. The activity must be free.
  2. There must be available facilities before the activity can be run.
  3. Under no circumstances can there be dangerous content within the activity.
  4. The activity must be wholesome and provide entertainment for all its participants.

2. Sport Eligibility

University athletes are not eligible to play in the corresponding intramural sport.

  1. Examples:
    • Varsity basketball players are not eligible to play Intramural Basketball.
    • Varsity soccer players are not eligible to play Intramural Indoor Soccer.
    • Varsity football players are not eligible to play Intramural Flag Football.

  2. ID's or participation pass form is needed on the first day of competition.
  3. Students participating in intramurals should have their own insurance.

3. Listing of Divisions of Intramurals

  1. Listing of Divisions of Intramurals
    • Team Sports
    • Individual or Dual Sports
    • Recreational or "New" Sports
    • Fun and Beginner's League

  2. The winners will receive T-shirts as an award and will have their picture taken for the Hall of Fame. All students, staff and faculty members are welcome to participate in intramurals. Students must initially present a school picture ID before participating at the beginning of a sport.

4. Cancellation of Games

Call x8124 for updates on cancellations due to weather, or go to Room 116 of the Tripp Athletic Center and information will be posted outside the door.

5. Disciplinary Actions

The Intramural Director may, at his discretion, ban a player from intramural sports for malicious or repeated violent behavior, harassment of officials, or abusive use of profanity during or after games.

6. Protests

  1. Must be filed in the intramural office no later than 24 hours after a game.
  2. Officials' calls are judgments and not subject to a protest.