UMass Dartmouth Intramurals 2013-2014


Table Tennis



Intramural Table Tennis is held on Fridays, from 6 to 9pm in the Tripp Athletic Center Gymnasium. Equipment is provided by Intramurals, but you may bring your own if you wish. It runs in collaboration with Intramural Badminton. For more information, please contact the Intramural office at 508-999-9255.

Supervisor Interview

Intramural Table Tennis is one of the smaller sports offered in the UMD Intramural program. That just means that it has a smaller group of participants than some of the other sports. However that does not mean that people are not showing up to play. According to the supervisor, Intramural Table Tennis is going fairly well. She indicated that there seems to be a large group of international students, which shows the diversity in the program. She also said that in the number of participants is increasing, which is a great thing. What was interesting was the way the supervisor promoted the sport. She never used any posters. She just used the "word-of-mouth" method, which has worked fairly well. Badminton and Table Tennis run in collaboration with each other and Badminton seems to get the better audience, but it was just one night. The other interesting thing is that the supervisor has no improvements in mind whatsoever. She is very confident and feels that everything is going as planned.