Sailing Withdraws at Newport

Sailing Withdraws at Newport

NEWPORT, RI - On the second and final day of racing for the Vietor Trophy, sustained winds exceeding 20 plus miles per hour and rough water conditions plagued the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth sailing team all day at Newport. Several sailors were retired in mid-race, due to boats hampered by water intake.

Prior to the day's final race, UMass Dartmouth's coaches decided to withdraw from the field.

"We were about to send novice athletes out, and I determined that the conditions were too strong," said Head Coach Jerry Jennings. "Our skill level has not yet reached a comfort zone for possible consequences. It was the prudent decision. We admired those teams whose expertise enabled them to compete in these trying conditions, and hope to keep learning to improve our competitive presence in challenging settings.

"Saturday's results were inconclusive with the slate incomplete," added Jennings. "Diminishing westerly winds dropped to less than three miles per hour, causing a postponement and finally cancellation of the day's schedule."

The Corsairs will compete at the Southern Series One, hosted by Salve Regina, next weekend.


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