Football Visits Salve Regina Saturday

Football Visits Salve Regina Saturday

Oct. 6, 2011

NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA-For the second time this season, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's football team will play on the road when they visit New England Football Conference Boyd Division rival Salve Regina Saturday. Kickoff at Gaudet Field in Middletown, RI is scheduled for 12 noon.

The Corsairs are 3-2 and 2-0 in Boyd Division play, and are trying to extend a two-game winning streak. They defeated MIT last week, 31-29, after winning their first road game of the season at Plymouth State the previous week. SRU is 2-3 and is 0-2 in the Boyd Division after losing to Endicott, 24-17, and Western New England, 12-9.

"Salve is a very good football team," said UMass Dartmouth Head Coach Mark Robichaud. "They've played five very tough opponents, and they beat Union, which is undefeated in their conference. They are very multiple on both sides of the ball, and they can present a lot of problems. Their defense runs as many fronts, coverages and blitzes as I've ever seen. Our defensive staff said that they run every possible formation that you can run. They are shifting and in motion all over the place. Salve is very well-coached, and it's very difficult to get a handle on exactly what they're going to do in any given situation."

Robichaud is confident that his team be able to handle adversity, if that's what it takes. "Two years ago, I'm not sure that under the same circumstances, we would have come back to beat MIT," said Robichaud. "We have more faith in each other and in the program than we had two years ago."

A solid effort is important. "I have all the faith in the world that our defense will have a great game plan, and will execute it and do a great job," said Robichaud. "We will depend a lot on our quarterback to recognize what's coming and get us out of one play and into a better one. Their defense is very good, we're going to try to punch them in the mouth, and they're going to try to punch us in the mouth."

Limiting mistakes will be a key to success. "We do have to control the ball," said Robichaud. "We have to get first downs, we have to score points, and we have to out our defense in the best possible position. We are going to try to win the battle of field position and the battle for possession time, and it could come down to who turns the ball over the fewest times. That's always a key against a good team-you can't make mistakes. You can't afford to fumble, throw an interception, blow a coverage or miss a tackle. Those are all things that we have to work on in order to be successful against Salve."

The Corsairs will return home to play Nichols in the homecoming game next Saturday, October 15th.