UMass Dartmouth vs Bridgewater State College (May 06, 2010)
Bridgewater State College 5, UMass Dartmouth 1
May 06, 2010 at Bridgewater, MA (Rosen Memorial Tennis Courts)

Singles competition
1. Matthew Mailhot (BSC) vs. Ken Sims (UMDMT) unfinished
2. Armindo Rocha (BSC) vs. Mike Parker (UMDMT) unfinished
3. Adam Laithy (BSC) def. Mike Giaquinto (UMDMT) 6-2, 6-3
4. Mike Zagame (BSC) def. Brian Lui (UMDMT) 6-1, 6-3
5. Nicholas Amrose (BSC) def. Mike Fink (UMDMT) 6-4, 6-4
6. Nicholas Desisto (BSC) vs. Cody Zygmont (UMDMT) unfinished

Doubles competition
1. Ken Sims/Mike Parker (UMDMT) def. Armindo Rocha/Justin Lipomi (BSC) 8-6
2. Matthew Mailhot/Mike Zagame (BSC) def. Mike Giaquinto/Brian Lui (UMDMT) 8-0
3. Adam Laithy/Nicholas Amrose (BSC) def. Mike Fink/Cody Zygmont (UMDMT) 8-5

Match Notes
UMass Dartmouth 5-6
Bridgewater State College 9-6
Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (4,3,5)
Little East Conference quarter-final playoff match. Match began Tuesday and was
suspended due to inclement weather.
T-3:00 A-25

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